4 Tips For The Hobbyist Competitor

Within the jiu jitsu community a large portion of people fall into the category of hobbyist competitor. What I mean by this is somebody whose primary goal within the sport isn’t to simply win medals. Don’t get me wrong a nice new shiny medal hanging on the wall is always nice, however not everybody is driven by this. Some simply enjoy competing to test themselves or expose weaknesses that may not be revealed in the training room.

However just because you don’t compete as much as a “full time” athlete it doesn’t mean you are excused from holding yourself to the highest standard as (I assume of course) the primary goal within this sport is to enjoy it and be on the mats for as long as physically possible whilst still taking your training relatively seriously. To enable this there are certain variables we can implement and improve upon so that you may continue to make the most of what this wonderful sport has to offer. So, here are 4 tips to ensure you are constantly improving physically and mentally as a grappler but also maximising longevity for the hobbyist competitor.

1. Train hard, recover harder: