Isolation: A Change of Perspective

So, we’re nearly at the end of 3 weeks in isolation and everyone has settled into somewhat of a routine and finally come to terms with a lack of combat action. Rather than sitting around dwelling on what we can’t do let’s change the perspective and focus on what we can!

This current situation gives us a little insight into what sports are like that train and compete around seasonal windows. The in season is spent focusing primarily on the sport itself and the off season is spent building general physical qualities in order to facilitate improvements on return to action. For those who don’t consider themselves competitors, think about this as summer training before the harder work begins in the winter.

By no fault of our own this virus has forced us all into an “off season” period and it has made it difficult to make specific recommendations as everyone has varying access to equipment. However, this is also a blessing in disguise as it gives us the opportunity to be very general in our approach but still ensure that this period of isolation gives us a running start once we return to the mats.