Premium package - £60/Month
Premium coaching is for any individual partaking in combat sports looking to take their development to the next level. Whether you are an MMA fighter, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Practitioner, Boxer or Wrestler then look no further, I am here to make you fitter, stronger, faster and more powerful! 

Strength & Conditioning

After a full consultation we will work together to put a plan of action based around your goals! We will use a long term plan in order to properly piece together each training block, whether it be a full fight camp or return from injury. Each training block will be 4-8 weeks in length. 


Nutrition & Supplementation

Nutrition & Supplementation advice and support will be provided based on your goals and needs. This is usually done in the form of macronutrient intakes based on your energy requirements.


Check Ins

Each week you will be required to fill in a check in sheet in order to properly measure and analyse your progress over the long term. All feedback will be provided via video, whether that be technique analysis or simply going over the previous week. At the end of each training block/phase we will organise a call in order to review the previous phase.


Also Included:

- Full access to personalised google sheet, including all your training programs, nutritional information, yearly planner for competition selection, training block breakdowns, recovery protocols and much more.

- 24 hour access to myself via WhatsApp for questions, session check ins and any other issues you may have.

- Full access to members site for additional content and information (coming soon).


Yearly Competition Planning and Structuring Training Phases - One off £50 Payment
This coaching package is for those individuals who are confident in their ability to train but needed help in planning and structuring a year in order to optimise their training and competition.
After a consultation call we will put together a yearly competition structure based off your goals, competition experience, lifestyle factors (job, family commitments etc).
you will receive access to the custom google sheets combat yearly planner, in this you will be able to track and manage your training up to the selected competitions or fights, current physiological outputs i.e strength tests, fitness tests and properly plan all preparation periods or off season periods.
Ideal for both beginner and seasons competitors/fighters

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- Online coaching

- 1:1 Personal Training

- Strength and Conditioning 

- Nutrition management and planning


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