"Having working with Andrew since December, I’ve noticed a wide range of improvements on and off the mats. His programme is flexible, and fits around my grappling rather than eating into time I’d rather spend rolling. After discussing what I wanted to get out of the programme, we decided to work primarily on explosive movement and cardio, which has massively improved my scrambles and wrestling endurance. 

Andrew doesn’t have a rigid structure like other coaches I’ve worked with, but listens carefully to your goals and your time constraints to work with them not against them. 

His recovery protocol is designed to encourage you to put in as much as training takes out. He allots points to different activities like stretching or physio treatments and asks you to aim for a set amount of points each week, which has worked well for me. 

He’s also helped me with a nutrition programme and is contactable constantly so that if I need to ask anything or change an exercise he’s there and ready to help. He’s knowledgable, down to earth and a great choice for anyone looking to supplement their grappling with some S&C."

Sam Quinn 

Multiple Empire Grappling Champion

Naga Blue Belt Champion

Grapplefest Veteran

“I have been working with Brotherhood and following their systems for training/nutrition for a short while and can feel and see the massive improvement in my performance and strength within the cage. The nutritional element is spot on and helps me fuel my work outs to give me the competitive edge whilst removing the weight management anxiety. I would highly recommend for any individual looking to take their performance to the next level.”  

Mick Stanton 

Pro MMA #13 UK

Cage Warriors Veteran

"I've been working with brotherhood for 2 years now, they take are of my strength training and make sure i'm well prepared for competition. It's refreshing to work with someone who also has an interest in the same sport, they understand the amounts of rounds I do a week and how taxing it can be on the body. For the first time my strength ties I nicely with my grappling so i'm not tired on the mats but still making massive improvements. I couldn’t recommend them enough!"


Matty Holmes 

Tanko Invitational Champion 

Polaris Veteran 

Grapplefest Veteran

"In an age where I have seen a lot of trainers who don’t actually know enough about being a coach to be able to give effective advice I am always sceptical of giving my money to someone. Andrew listened to what I wanted, understood what I knew and what I didn’t, and was there whenever I needed him. He created with a systematic approach which was original and really well tailored. I knew instantly he was a different class of coach. I was amazed with how quickly I saw specific results from what I was asking for. I would genuinely recommend Brotherhood to anyone!"



Hobbyist Grappler



- Online coaching

- 1:1 Personal Training

- Strength and Conditioning 

- Nutrition management and planning


The Alleycat Academy 

36 Pall Mall 





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