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The new 12 Month Raw Strength Program is specifically designed with the modern grappler in mind. Not only is it simple to follow, it is extremely affordable, with two payment options available. You can either chose to spread the costs on a monthly basis and receive your training monthly or recieve the entire thing with a one off payment. 

The program follows a traditional block periodisation structure with each block designed to ensure phase potentiation and lead to the overall development and improvement in athletic performance on the mats. 

Over the 12 months (13 blocks of training) you will work your way through various different phases designed to enhance: 

  • Force Production (strength)

  • Explosive power

  • Overall general physical preparation and conditioning 

  • Increased robustness to injury 

  • Joint stabilisation and integrity 

Every month once payment is made you will be sent over the next block of training (please allow 24 hours for program to be sent once payment is made). 

You will given the opportunity to join the Raw Strength FB group where you will be part of the community also completing the program. Within the group you can also share any videos for technique analysis and feedback. We will also do a weekly check in within the group so everyone can share their feedback and how they have found that week of training. 

The program now has the option to chose between a 3x per week model or 2x per week depending on your current training/life schedules!

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